Meow & Howl Pet Sitting since 2012

Meow & Howl Pet Sitting began business in 2012; we are still going strong and love our work. We always offer a free initial visit so that you can tell us what your pet needs while you are gone. Our priority is their comfort and safety in your absence.

Whether away on business or vacation, working long hours or just need help due to a medical condition, we offer professional, gentle, loving care in your home. We also pride ourselves in providing updates and photos, so wherever you are you can relax knowing your babies are in good hands.

Our family has always had pets and I learned at an early age how to love and care for them; but in reality, they were loving and caring for me!. During my work years I would vacation with a relative who owned a boarding facility for dogs and cats. Many of her “guests” would be there one year and be in residence the following year when I visited! She also still has some other interesting pets that live on the property full time. Even though I now have my own business, I still visit my “extended pet family” and relatives at the boarding facility.

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A peaceful passing at home...
Heaven From Home makes this stressful time easier for both pets and pet owners.

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